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Work Experience

Work Experience

Yes, please contact WHO for further information regarding group work experience protection insurance cover.

Payment can be made by EFT/bank transfer, cheque, money order, Visa, MasterCard or Bankcard.

Yes, this policy also provides cover for Personal Liability. Please refer to the combined Financial Services Guide (FSG) and Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) incorporating the policy wording for more information on what is and is not covered.

Yes, cover may be extended as per the periods of cover. Please advise us if further cover is required prior to the expiry of the existing cover and arrangements will be made with a further fee being applicable. Cover is however non-renewable.

Yes, the work experience person may work at various host employers, as long as we are made aware of all employers and the policy schedule is noted accordingly.

Please note: Duties and tasks must be the same at each employer and the industry must be the same.

All known host employers should be noted at the commencement of a policy, otherwise a further policy fee may be incurred.

Due to the nature of work experience duties, we realise that a day-to-day routine, or continuous days of work, may not be available. Therefore there are 5 different periods of cover:

  • 15 days to be worked over 6 months
  • 30 days to be worked over 6 month
  • 3 months unlimited
  • 6 months unlimited
  • 9 months unlimited

This allows the volunteer and host employer more flexibility.

Under the various states and their Workers Compensation Acts, there is no requirement to cover work experience persons or voluntary workers. They would not be deemed a worker, as they do not generate an income for their services.

Persons between the ages of 14-80 undertaking unpaid work experience positions with a host employer.

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