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Work Experience Protection Insurance

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Food Investment Pty Ltd (George Weston Foods) applies for a group self-insurer licence

Food Investments Pty Ltd (George Weston Foods) has applied to the State Insurance Regulatory Authority for a group self-insurer licence which will also cover the following wholly owned employing subsidiaries: Read More

Consultation opens on insurance options for food delivery riders

The NSW Government has today commenced consultation on potential personal injury insurance arrangements for food delivery riders injured or killed at work. Read More

Optimizing Care and Reducing the Costs of City Government Workers’ Compensation Programs

In 2015, the City of Fort Worth, Texas, had 6,250 employees and calculated total workers’ compensation costs, claims plus indemnity payments, at $9.7 million. The city leadership sought more effective ways to reduce workers’ compensation costs and still help employees received the appropriate care to support quality outcomes and return to work. However, before the city […] Read More

Survey: Understanding customer experience in workers compensation and CTP repeat survey 2

The State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) is conducting a repeat survey with selected claimants to better understand the customer experience and recovery of people who have made either a workers compensation or compulsory third party (CTP) insurance claim. Read More

Indexation of weekly statutory benefits in motor accident claims – 1 April 2021

Weekly statutory benefits payable under thesMotor Accident Injuries Act 2017 must be indexed on 1 April each year. Read More

Evidence-Based Medicine for Improved Outcomes

The ever-growing list of new federal, state, and local leave mandates has made administrative functions more crucial than ever to the effective operation of integrated absence management (IAM) programs. However, we sometimes let Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) constraints intimidate us into relinquishing medical case management. When we do this, we are forfeiting […] Read More